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Tiffany is a Cinematographer, Writer, and Director.  While growing up in Florida, even at a young age, she always had a camera in hand, so a career in the film industry was the only thing that felt right. Tiffany attended Middle Tennessee State University outside of Nashville and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production. Tiffany has experience shooting short films, music videos, documentaries, features, and episodic series. She loves maximizing the potential of a location and telling important stories in new creative ways.


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Writer-Director Tiffany Murray Sounds the Alarm on Technology in Sci-Fi Podcast Southbridge​

Technology Reigns as Rebels Fight for Free Will in Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast Series ‘SOUTHBRIDGE’​

Quarantine Boredom Leads to Narrative Sci-fi Podcast


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After The March

Inclusivity Interview
Apparently Jack

Documentary Spotlight
Panasonic- Cinema 5D

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