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Writer, director, producer, and cinematographer Tiffany L. Murray fell in love with cameras and moving images at a very young age. She loved them so much, the award-winning filmmaker decided to make a career out of them. 


Tiffany attended MTSU, serving as an officer in the MTSU Film Guild, a student organization that functioned as a production company. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in film production, she joined the ranks of Music City’s production community. There, Tiffany developed a reputation as both a workhorse under grueling conditions and as a leader who inspired her peers to do their best work. 


Tiffany’s work in production is recognized by many. As a director, her credits include the short films “No Cleaner Threads,” “I’ll Be Here,” and the internationally celebrated “After the March” about women’s rights activist Alice Paul’s impact on the Nineteenth Amendment. In 2022, her sci-fi podcast “Southbridge” won Baltimore Next Media Web Fest’s award for Best Ensemble Cast.


Her work as a Cinematographer includes various short films,  the Emmy-nominated digital series “Ctrl Alt Delete,” and the award-winning indie feature “Two Lives in Pittsburgh.” Because of her years of experience using Panasonic cameras, Tiffany developed a partnership with the company to direct and DP the documentary short “Backbone” and the mini-doc series “Run Your Race.”


Though she believes every team member should pull their weight on set, Tiffany advocates for safe and humane production conditions.

“The well-being of a cast and crew should come first,” she says. “If your crew is treated well, then they’re empowered to give you their best work. Extensive hours and brutal conditions are not only unfair to the team, but they also jeopardize set productivity and quality of work. No product or art will ever be worth the abuse.”


She currently lives in New York City.


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